Calvin Michael Holmes (born September 28, 1993 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), better known as Allegheny Cal, is an American rapper/producer best known for his penchant for story-telling, and providing innovative, unique hip hop. He has released three studio projects with his first in 2016, the "Sincerely Yours EP" his second “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing” which was released on October 10, 2017 and latest "A Wolf Out The Cage" which was released November 9, 2018. 

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allegheny Cal is no stranger to living in an environment that’s less than conducive to success. Raised on Pittsburgh’s Southside, Cal witnessed the hard life firsthand in the public housing project “Arlington Heights”. Here, is where Cal first discovered his passion for hip hop – and would spend countless hours studying the culture and honing his craft. Inspired by rappers like Beanie Sigel, Lloyd Banks, Prodigy of Mobb Deep,  and producer/rapper Black Milk, Cal started rhyming about his life and the issues facing inner city residents as he saw it from his perspective in Pittsburgh. 

The Steel City's most famous musical resident to date is Wiz Khalifa, so much so, that the Pittsburgh City Council declared 12-12-12 (December 12, 2012) to be Wiz Khalifa day in the city. His desire to rep “The Burgh” and the east coast alike drove Allegheny to start recording and pushing his music online as well as the streets, where he has begun to garner fans drawn to his original style, off-kilter flows, and deeply personal lyrics about the problems he and his fellow community has faced being raised in the rough inner cities across the United States. 

Cal cites New York rap and Black Milk as his major influences, and it shows in his ability to illustrate chillingly tense street stories of violence, over his smooth – yet awkward jazz laden production. Ultimately Cal shows and proves with his rhymes, which demonstrate the promise of a legend in the making. His skills, relaxed demeanor, and incredibly open book approach establish Cal as a true artist. He's ready to represent for Pittsburgh, the East Coast, and anyone who relates to the struggle of inner city life. As Allegheny tells it: "Making beats and writing rhymes was my escape, I knew being a rapper was what I wanted to do most. My music is full of soul—and it’s honest. And my goal is to ultimately inspire anyone familiar with the realities of the projects to gather the courage to create an escape for something you believe in. Boldly proclaiming "If you’re not a fan now, that’s ok. Just know that what you’re hearing is always going to be the real me – I have no fear in expressing myself, and ultimately I hope you can become a fan of my character."